Tech Bytes Review: Ringke® Fusion

Ringke's Official Website describes the Fusion as

"Ringke FUSION is completed with shock absorption
TPU bumper with anti-scratch coated PC clear back."
Now, I use to be a huge fan of cases with cool colors, ultimate protection, and style. However, over the years, the phones have become sleeker, sexier, and just nicer to look at. Since my LG G2, I have been doing clear cases. I have gone through quite a few. I've rocked a Spigen, other various brands whose names I can't remember. Flexible, sturdy, you name it.

I am always disappointed by clear cases. I want to be able to view my device as it was meant to be viewed without risking my phone being scratched and scuffed. What's the use, however, if the case I'm using ends up looking like crap after one week of lying on my desk. The clarity on most cases go from perfect, to terrible in no time.

However, when I got my G2, I purchased my first Ringke Fusion. I was pleasantly surprised when the case held up for about a week. I ended up selling the G2 and buying a Galaxy Note 4. Without really having the chance to put the Ringke Fusion through its paces, I decided to buy another for the Note 4. I HATED the Note 4. It's bulky UI drove me crazy, so once again I offloaded it after about 2 weeks, and upgraded to the LG G3.

Anyhow, skip ahead, and I have now had this case on a total of about 7 devices. Every time I buy a Ringke Fusion, I am overly impressed. Their claim of an "anti-scratch" coating is no exaggeration.

To be fair, I'm not exactly rough on my devices, but after months of use, I have yet to have one of their cases scratch or scuff.

They have very durable covers on the Headphone Jack and Charger (except on the USB-C devices) I've noticed. At least the new Nexus devices had no USB Cover, which I am sure there is a reason for. The nice thing is that the opening near the port is flexible and accommodates after market cables very nicely. Here is a picture of my Nexus 6P

This is a welcome addition because everyone knows the frustration of buying a new case, and the ports being small. Having to remove your case every time you want to charge can be frustrating.

For those devices where the case DOES have the covers, I have never had one show even the slightest signs of becoming weak or breaking off. In Fact, I got brave one night and tried to physically yank the USB port cover off my G4 Ringke Fusion, and was unable to do so.

Speaking of my LG G4. It's not all rainbows and unicorns with this case. They had an issue with some of their cases that they were quick to address. The issue was that in an attempt to improve protection they had 2 separate openings on the back of the G4. One for the camera, and one for the flash. These were separated with a piece of clear TPU. The result was an unfavorable light bleed from the flash to the camera. The LED lit up the clear TPU reflecting unwanted light onto the lens of the G4. If you are one of the few people that picked up one of these earlier cases, it can be remedied by applying a liberal amount of sharpie to the inside edges of the opening. If you have a black phone you won't notice it!

I'm not sure if Ringke is replacing the old cases or not. They did however, redesign the case, so that the rear opening is larger.

Getting back to the two devices I currently have in hand.

The other thing that is notable about the Ringke Fusion with the 6P in particular is their attention to the visor (which has already had some blowback and issues from the nexus community).

Spigen's variant of the clear case leave the visor completely unprotected, while Ringke makes an effort to actually protect that oh so sensitive glass visor. I don't really understand the logic behind Spigen's lack of protection. There is nothing in most of the visor aside from the obvious Camera and flash, which Ringke leave open (with no stupid TPU between the two).

As for the 3.5 MM port cover, It is tight, and sturdy. Very strong, not unlike my LG G4 charging port. I gave it a good tug and it stretched nicely, but bounced right back into place.

On most devices, they have the standard Clear and Smoke colors, but for a select few devices, you might be lucky to get one with a little flare like my wife's Nexus 6.

You can see the port covers are quite nice and flush, they are easy to remove, and hard to break.

Overall, This really is, in my opinion, the best clear case you can currently buy.

And if you are unfortunate enough to have tried to purchase a slick wrap, this case will be the only way you can even come close to getting it fit right and not have any rigid edges.

In Summation. Does the Ringke Fusion get the beard of approval?

 INDEED! Go out and buy one for your device!

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