Customer Experience with Hauwei.

So recently, as most of my readers know, I switched from my Nexus 6P to an iPhone 6s Plus for about 6 months. After my iPhone experience, I decided, with some reservation, to switch back to the Nexus. Not because I don't like Apple (quite the opposite actually), but because the iPhone was just such a pleasant handset.

I sold my iPhone and purchased a Gold 64 GB Hauwei Nexus 6P from Swappa, and after 2 weeks, I suddenly fell victim to the bootloop issue that seems to be plaguing Nexus users. I reached out to Google and asked for a replacement, and since I purchased it from swappa, they wouldn't help me. I found out from the seller that the phone was originally bought from amazon, so therefore, Google would not help me. They instead sent me to Huawei. I was immediately pissed, because I HATE dealing with manufacturers. I begrudgingly went to Huawei's nifty warranty checkup website, and found out I had literally 1 week left on the warranty. I explained to them what my situation was, and they sent me a UPS overnight label to ship the device to Fort Worth, TX.

I immediately took to Reddit, and read up on previous experiences with Hauwei. People were reporting being without their devices for upwards of a month. I was physically ill. I dug in and decided to do what I needed to do. My phone shipped out on Monday, July 17, 2017. Thursday, the 20th, I received an email saying that a return label had been generated for me. I was immediately livid and assumed the worst. Since my phone had been previously rooted, I assumed that they were sending it back with a voided warranty. I called Huawei, and they said they had no info from the repair center yet. All I could do was wait until Fri. Friday came around, and I received my device, and it worked! I was over the moon.

Furthermore, the lower rear back panel has a small plastic door on it that was coming loose. The repair center fixed that as well even though it was NOT covered under warranty.

I called Huawei to find out what was wrong with my device, and they had no details, but they did tell me that they also extended my warranty for another 90 days in case the repair didn't stick.

That means, that I received my same device back, repaired, and cosmetically better than it was when I sent it out. And it was all done over the course of 4 days! Color me impressed.

Huawei has gained a customer for life:

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